Here are three tips that have helped me not to be stagnant and to have an exciting and fulfilling relationship with God.

  1.         Be honest with God!

This is crucial! Have you noticed when you don’t open up your heart in full vulnerability and honesty with someone, you tend to not become that close with that person? Our walk with God is all about relationship. You have to be honest with Him to walk in intimacy with Him! To do so, you have to remember that He is not scared or even intimidated by your weaknesses! He knows you better than you know yourself and even then, He loves us that much more. You have to remember, you are accepted by Christ. You are saved not because of your own works or righteousness, but because of what Jesus has done at the cross! PRAISE THE LAMB! In prayer, approach God in honesty with your struggles and ask Him to help you! Put your confidence in Him and not in yourself.

PRO TIP: Being honest doesn’t mean to grumble or complain!


  1.         Be honest with yourself!

We know that Jesus accepts us no matter what, but can we accept ourselves for who we are? Can we look in the mirror and be pleased with who we are looking at? A lot of times, it is tough to do that. It can be overwhelming, because we know ALL of our struggles and flaws, but this is why you have to be courageous! Be strong! Look at yourself with all the scars and filth and know that it is going to be okay! You are redeemed by the blood of Christ! You are washed by His word! No matter what condemning or negative thoughts come your way, you can stand strong knowing that the Bible says, “IF anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” – 2 Corinthians 5:17. Remember that what God says is the ultimate truth above and beyond anyone’s opinion, including yours! So even if you stumble sometimes and the accuser comes to condemn you, battle those lies with God’s truth!


  1.         Deliberately choose to step out of your comfort zone!

I know we all have at least one area in our lives where God is calling us to take a leap of faith, yet we are too afraid to do it. We know that if we do take that leap, we are stepping into a whole new world of uncertainty and that can cause fear in us! I think it is important to look at these opportunities not as scary, but as exciting and new! We need to not focus on the obstacles, but on what wonderful and new things God has prepared for us on the other side! We need to trust that God knows what He is doing and that He has our best interest in His heart! I don’t remember a single time where I have regretted taking that leap in the past. He is always faithful and always so good! Trust that His plans for you are far greater and more exciting than what you have prepared for yourself!

PRO TIP: Walking in faith does not mean to have the whole picture or understanding of what the future holds. It means to listen, and obey.

I hope that this has encouraged and motivated you to walk in the fullness of what God has prepared for you! Blessings!

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