When I was young, I wanted to be an archeologist just like Indiana Jones.

I became fascinated with exploring, travel and adventure. The hunger for something more than the day to day swelled up inside me. I wanted to learn more about other cultures, peoples, and the world around me. I was particularly interested in Asian cultures. I grew up watching anime from Japan, martial arts films from China, and dramas from Korea. Little did I know that God was placing these little puzzle pieces in my life to form my heart for Asia.

In 2011, a girl from Seoul, South Korea came to stay with my family for a year on an exchange program. She taught me all about the Korean people, their culture, the food, and the history between North and South Korea. My heart ached for Korea and I couldn’t wait to visit her one day. That dream became a reality when I visited Korea in 2016 after my semester abroad in Italy. We had stayed in contact for five years and it was like there had been no time gap. I was in South Korea for Christmas and New Years and spent the most amazing time with her family. They welcomed me so warmly and showed me the beauty of the Korean people. For the two weeks that I was in South Korea, I felt such a joy, but also a burden on my heart. I could not stop crying the day I left. I felt like Nehemiah. God put in his heart the plans to rebuild the walls in Jerusalem and it started off as a burden that he could not shake.

“As soon as I heard these words I sat down and wept and mourned for days…” (Neh. 1:4)

After returning home to the states, I went back to university, but I could not keep Korea off my mind. I prayed and asked God if Korea was where He was leading me after college. If so, how? The main way to work in Korea if you are a foreigner was to teach English. So, that’s what I decided to do. In Spring 2018, I applied to teach in Korea, but my application was delayed. What! Why? I had spent the past two years dreaming about going to Korea and my plans were derailed. Isn’t this where God wanted me to be? Feeling discouraged I decided to aimlessly scroll on Instagram. I stumbled upon a post about a Frontiers Asia school at YWAM in Kansas City. I had no idea what YWAM was, but it peaked my interest. After looking at the website, I felt this nagging urge to apply. That nagging urge was the Lord. This led me to do the Frontiers Asia DTS here at YWAM KC!

I realized that I hadn’t waited on God to tell me how He wanted me to go to the nations. I just acted on my own.

So, coming to DTS, I gave up my control and gave it willingly to Jesus. My future. My finances. My whole life. I love Asia so much and I’m trusting in God’s power and provision to accomplish that which he has put on my heart.

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