“How did I end up here?”

This question resounded through my thoughts all through the week of YWAM Together. To be a part of something so historic and significant at such an early place in my walk with the Lord was so humbling, yet exciting.

From being led in worship with Misty, to hearing Mike Bickle’s message on Psalms 2, the day brought me back to when I first heard of prayer and missions coming together, nearly 4 years ago in my DTS.

I remember the IHOP leadership sharing with our class:

“Jesus is the greatest evangelist and greatest intercessor! Missions and prayer is one stream in God’s heart.”

“God is raising up a worldwide prayer movement, this is a sign of the times!”

As they shared, it was so clear that God was establishing in his church to be a “House of prayer, for all nations.” This resonated deeply with me, I was convinced that I needed to have a life of intercession that fueled the missions calling on my life.  

I realized for the last 4 years that I’ve only seen but a glimpse of the work that God has been doing to bring about prayer and missions together. Hearing examples of how leaders in YWAM have carried this burden for 30 years..  30 years! That humbled me to my core.

“How did I end up here?”

Nothing short of God’s sovereign plan and call for my life. Forever I will remember of how God so clearly marked my heart with prayer and missions. His house will be a house of prayer for all nations.

I know that YWAM Together was just the start of an expression of prayer and missions coming together.

I know that the Lord is committed to seeing this established in his church.

I know that we each have a role to play in this magnificent plan in God’s heart

I know we need each other to fulfill all that God is asking us to do.

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