This is my story about how I was given the chance for God to take my broken, shattered life and make it something beautiful again.

I grew up in a broken home, and at a young age, I was exposed to things an innocent mind was not designed to comprehend nor what a soul was meant to be dragged through. I grew up believing I was worthless, unlovable, and an outcast. After an abusive situation took place when I was 16, I turned away from God completely and ran to drugs, pills, & alcohol to numb the pain of my reality. I would choke down poison so I could face the people I thought were my enemies, but I was really trying to snuff out the enemy I saw in myself.

For 6 years, I walked in so much shame, guilt, and self-hatred, finding myself in a vicious cycle of destruction. Yet, through all the darkness, God would still show up. He showed up in court when I was facing jail time at 17 to give me a second chance. He showed up when I had a blade in my hand, where He whispered to my heart “There’s another way, Beloved.” He showed up when I was at my lowest, begging Him to show me how to break free of my self-welded chains. He showed up most of all when my church offered to pay for me to go to Abba House, a residential women’s ministry, where they are centered around God’s love healing our hearts and drawing us into a deeper relationship with Jesus.

God worked through Abba House in ways I had never experienced before. Through this ministry, God taught me who I really was. He calls me redeemed, His beloved, and says I’m worthy of a life full of joy, happiness, and love. After receiving this gift of grace, I knew He was calling me to spread this hope all across the world till I take my last breath.

Over the years, God has placed this fire inside of me for justice, especially for those enslaved in sex trafficking all across the nations. He’s now calling me to serve in this fight of justice, and to share the hope and healing of Jesus. He opened a door for me to go to YWAM Kansas City for the Justice and Compassion DTS where I will learn God’s heart for justice and how to apply His compassion to these areas. After three months of training & growing deeper with God, our team will then be sent out to the mission field for 2 ½ months, sharing the gospel of Jesus. I am so grateful to know such a patient and redeeming God. When we encounter the love of Jesus, He changes our identity, our name, and our path.

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