Creative? Right-brained? Visually-oriented?

Need more color in your devotional Bible reading?



Okay, can we get this out in the open? All of us are different. We connect with the Bible in different ways and that’s okay. There’s not just one way to engage with the Bible. Some learn better through reading. Some learn better through listening. Some color-code their Bible verses.

Now, there’s a new way to engage with the Word of God! Break out your colored pencils, decorative stamps, markers, stencils, water colors, stickers, and even paints.

Can art help a person meditate and connect to the Bible more deeply? What would God think about you drawing and coloring in your Bible?

Most likely, God’s fine with whatever connects your heart with His message!  For many, art, color and pictures are a heart language.  After all, a picture speaks a thousand words.  May He inspire you both through His Word and what you end up creating!

Things to consider:

  • Bibles with wide margins on both sides.
  • Bibles with designs already printed on the pages for you to color.
  • Bibles with thick enough paper to hold up to your materials.
  • There’s no right way or wrong way to illustrate your Bible.

*Most importantly, bring your heart of devotion and a lot of creativity!


How-to Video about the First Steps of Bible Journaling:

Look up #biblejournaling and #illustratedfaith to see some amazing examples of Bible artwork.

[If you’ve ever done Bible journaling and you’d like to share tips or pictures of your work, please share in comments below.]


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