In a fresh way, I’ve been enjoying the power of “Christ dwelling in my heart through faith.” This truth continually gives me courage to walk into what is impossible with man because Jesus is the One who makes all things possible.

The miracle of Christ dwelling in the human heart through faith profoundly expresses the beauty of Jesus. When the truth and mercy of Christ touch my heart and mind, I clearly see who Jesus is and begin to experience His delight. Amidst trials, persecution, and even in the face of enemies, the clarity of Christ becomes my strength. It is under pressures such as these that cause the tenderness of Jesus to cut through darkness like a shaft of light. Truly, Jesus is the very power of God toward those who believe.

When I take the Word of God and turn it into an active dialogue, I enter into the joy of agreement. In essence, receiving God’s Word and using His written phrases to express my personal thoughts and feelings back to Him is one of the greatest ways I get to share in His thoughts and emotions.

Active dialogue leads to active partnership with Jesus. And that is what makes friendship with Jesus living and active. We were made for listening, talking, observing, responding, receiving, and giving back to the Father a life of obedience. The riches of His glory and grace have been made so abundantly available to us!

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