The other day, some of the staff and DTS students were having a conversation about what brought them here to YWAM. I sat listening to the conversation, as I usually do, and asked myself the same question,

“How did I get here?”

The amazing thing about God is that he truly meets us right where we are.

December of 2014, I found myself fed up with school and wondering what I was going to do with my life after high school. While everyone was completely psyched and ready for college, I knew that I wasn’t ready. I mean, why would I spend thousands of dollars to sit behind a desk to eventually end up in a job that I didn’t like? When I asked people why college was so important, they told me that it’s just the way life works. I refused to believe that college, a terrible job, a mediocre marriage, and money were the only things that life had to offer.

So as a bored and lazy senior, I spent most of time sleeping in my car or pretending to do my homework in the library. One day, while in the library I searched for “things to do while taking a year off of school” and by some ridiculous odds, I stumbled upon the YWAM page. I saw that it was an organization that spread the Gospel and did missions. I had no former interest in missions, because I thought that it was just a bunch of religious people doing good things, all to just make themselves feel better. As I continued to look, I found the base in Kona. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to take a year off and sit in Hawaii? I applied for the DTS in Kona and no one got back to me, which actually turned out to be God. So after talking to my mom, I decided to apply to a school closer to home. And so Kansas City it was.

So I began my application.  

Later on in December, I decided to visit the base in Kansas to see what it was all about. I was greeted by people who seemed to be very nice and they showed me around. Never in my life had I felt such peace. It was almost as if I was being wrapped in the peace of God.

And now I’ve been in YWAM for 7 weeks! Time has flown by so quickly! Looking back on all that God has done for me, I’m reminded of a story about a man that bought a piano. When he had originally purchased it, he got it for a steal and was pleased. In reality, the man had no idea what he had just bought. After cleaning the piano and getting it tuned, he realized that it was very old and valuable. When he looked up the cost, he found that it was worth thousands more than what he had paid for it.

When I applied for this DTS, I thought I was getting some worn out, second hand experience.

But I was wrong. What I had thought to be nothing turned to be the experience where I finally met the one my heart longed for: God the father. Within the third week, I had the first real revelation of God’s love. Though I had little faith in what God was calling me to, he met me in the middle of my storm. God showed up and showed out as he does daily.

The second hand experience that I signed up for back in December turned out to be one that marked my life forever.

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