The Gospel is an everyday Gospel, and that means an everyday surrendering of ourselves‒ everyday death to self.  

“The cross is laid on every Christian… When Christ calls a man, he bids him come and die.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

We are so quick to reap the benefits of the Gospel, while so hesitant to bear the cost. It’s an everyday choice to choose the cross.  The victory that came after the cross was due to what was endured on the cross.  Do we really understand the weight and the depth of what exactly happened on that cross?  God’s love, from eternity past to eternity future, was manifested through the death of a perfect Savior.  Our human minds cannot grasp the concept of eternity, but somehow God made it a reality that’s tangible in and through Jesus Christ.  What an incredible gift.  What an amazing love.

It’s difficult to imagine, and even more impossible to fathom what Jesus endured on that day, on that cross.  Even before the cross emotional anxiety, knowing what was to come the betrayal, the denial, the pain…  Spiritual torment, knowing that he was about to put all the sins of the world, from eternity past to eternity future, on his own shoulders… how excruciating that must have been for a perfect God!  How truly precious and powerful is the blood of Jesus Christ!  

So the heart of the matter is this when Christ bids us to come, are we willing to come and die with joy and thanksgiving?  In what does our pleasures lie the world or Jesus?  What’s more important the flesh or the Spirit?  

“With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.”– Isaiah 12:3

May we all draw from the living well of life and choose the cross everyday. May we celebrate and magnify the name that is truly above all names, everyday.  

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