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“The friendship of the Lord is for those who fear him, and he makes known to them his covenant.”

Fear of the Lord. What is it? We sing songs about it, pray for it, read the scriptures about it —but what does it really mean to have the fear of the Lord? Right off the bat, let me just tell you that I am nowhere near the fulfillment of this very thing fully manifesting in my life. It’s something that I am just beginning to know and better understand, as God continues to reveal Himself to me in deeper measures.

This blog may not give you any more insight or understanding than you already have, but my heart and hope is that it would help you re-evaluate and reconsider how you live before the eyes of God.

Earlier in the year, I felt the Lord invite me to study out the jam-packed wisdom literature of Proverbs! I didn’t understand why I was sensing the Holy Spirit leading me to this book in particular, but it’s easy to say I’m so thankful He prompted me to spend the next month unpacking it…Or actually, letting this book unpack me!

As I was reading this book chapter by chapter, the deep desire and prayer of my heart to God was:

“Father, I want to know you. I want to understand your ways, your heart, your deeds.” 

When you read the book of Proverbs, you’ll come to know that a lot of it is about a father giving wise instruction and guidance to his son. This father is teaching his son how to live a life that honors and reveres the Lord. He teaches his son what kind of attitude is upright, how to desire things that are noble, distinguishes foolish actions vs. wise ones, gives warnings to stay away from crazy people…There’s just a plethora of golden timeless truths and life long lessons to take away and apply from this book! So…What did I get out of this?

One morning as I opened up my Bible to Proverbs, I started reading as one normally would. But more than just reading, I started hearing the words and voice of the Father giving sound instruction and wisdom. Soon, tears started welling up in my eyes and began streaming down my face. I realized the Father was answering the prayer I had been asking daily. 

He was showing me His ways. 

He was telling me how I ought to live and what’s good for me. God was giving me deeper knowledge of Himself out of His fathering heart. More than any profound kind of revelation I got from the passage, the deeper effect that took place was becoming aware of the Father’s heart set towards me.

I felt His heart pointed at me with complete willingness to share about Himself. Personally, I feel very loved when someone takes their time and energy to share/ teach me things I want to know about. You can just imagine how deeply loved I felt by the Father in this moment!

I really believe a true heart encounter with the Father positions us to live out a transformed life. I can’t give you a formula, tell you 3 steps on how to attain the fear of the Lord, or anything like that! All I can say is that once I experienced and understood a little bit of the Father’s commitment to teaching me His desires and will, I became a lot more aware of the conviction of the Holy Spirit refining and correcting different aspects of my life. It’s as if the light of Christ started to shine brightly on areas of my lifestyle in character, integrity, stewardship, faithfulness, intentions, and heart motives. 

And good Lord! Did this light BURN SO GOOD!

 In everything I did, I started to tell the Father, “I just want to live before Your eyes.” There were definitely obvious areas of my life that needed a good heart check. It became normal for me to internally question the ‘why do I do what I do?’ parts of my life in a healthy way, which often resulted in me becoming aware and to repent if needed. I’m thankful for the fear of the Lord imparted into those very flawed characteristics of mine.

In retrospect, if I can sum up everything in a simple phrase, it would be this: Set your heart to obey the King. There’s something that sets apart mature and genuine believers from others and I believe it’s partly in how one honors God. I want to posture my heart to obey and honor the King, driven from the place of our deep love for one another. By no means will we ever flesh this out in perfection.

There’s no pressure or expectation to strive and perform for the fear of the Lord. But as we position ourselves (heart, soul, mind, strength) to pursue God in an honoring manner, we’ll begin to have a reverence for God that He has always been deserving of.

May we be the bride of Christ who lives with a purity in our hearts to honor and bless the Lord. I want to ask you guys to pray and ask the Lord this question:

“Father, how can I live before your eyes to honor you?”


Samantha || YWAM KC Staff

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