I’m a firm believer in taking action when you feel passionate about something, especially a subject so close to God’s heart, like human trafficking.  Getting out of your comfort zone and going places others dare not venture to reach people others may overlook is important.  I have had the privilege of making food for prostitutes in Philadelphia, reaching at-risk children in India, and bringing the Gospel to exploited women in Brazil.  I believe we have to be DO-ERS of the word, not just hearers (James 1:22).

However, many times we limit ourselves by our circumstances.  We subconsciously say, “Well, I’m in college right now so I can’t go overseas,” or “The Lord hasn’t released me, it’s just not my season for that.”

I’m going to do you a favor, because yes, I love you, and call, “BOLOGNA.”

That voice you are hearing telling you to NOT do something about an injustice the Father mourns over every single day because “it’s just not the right timing” is a life from the enemy, masked in passivity and compromise.

Yes, there is wisdom in timing for when the Lord calls you to go to places, but that leaves no room for excuses to not take action in the meantime with the resources you do have!

Before I ever set foot on foreign soil and worked with exploited women, I was in a season much like you may be in.  The doors for me to go reach these women were just not opening, but the Lord quickly made it clear that He was still asking me to respond this injustice.

My journey of the fight from my own living room is what inspired me to write this and I hope it encourages you!  You are called to this fight. Not tonight, not tomorrow, but right now.

Here are four ways you can advance the kingdom of God and bring justice to the earth no matter what season you are in.

  1. Pray! – For a generation who asks for prayer anytime anything goes wrong in our lives, how much do we really walk it out in our daily lives?  Prayer shifts the atmosphere and circumstances.  There are women in brothels, on the corners, and in bars who are bound by their pimps and a spirit of bondage.  What if your prayer opened brothel doors?  What if your prayer helped send laborers into the field to rescue these women?  What if your prayer brought supernatural comfort and peace to a child prostitute?  Don’t undermine the season you are in.  You may have five, ten, fifty minutes a day you could be using to partner with the ultimate intercessor, Jesus.
  2. Write a Letter – I’ve heard legislators say that it only takes four to seven letters on the same subject to get their attention about a local problem.  Look up your local laws on prostitution.  Most likely, they prosecute the ones selling sex but not the ones buying it.  Do your research.  In Sweden, a Nordic model of government was implemented and has changed the culture in showing buying sex is not only uncool, but it’s illegal.  If every region can adopt this model, it can reduce not only prostitution but trafficking as well.  Make an event out of it if you want!  Get some friends together one night, buy some stamps, write some letters, and make a difference in government!
  3. Bring Awareness – Yeah, that picture of your lunch looked really yummy yesterday.  That puppy video was really cute, and I’m glad you and a fun time at the concert last week.  But in a self-consumed generation, would you consider going against the grain and making your social media platforms about the Lord and what He wants to do?  Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all powerful platforms where instead of just posting selfies, you could easily bring awareness with a click of a button to 3,000 people at a time.  Use your power for freedom!  You never know what a simple “share” of a powerful post could do to someone’s heart.  You may ignite someone’s heart with a simple act of love.
  4. Give – Whether you’re a college student, barely able to afford textbooks this semester, or a wealthy entrepreneur, we’re all called to give.  Period.  There are missionaries all over the world doing this kind of work who need funding for facilities, outreach programs, healthcare, and other felt needs.  Where you put your money is a direct indicator of your heart.  Invest in this fight now, and you’ll see the fruit of your investment later.  I remember I used to support this organization every month.  I couldn’t do much, but I decided I would give up a cup of coffee a week and use that money to invest in their ministry.  It was a small but meaningful sacrifice.  The cool part is, years later, I ended up going to Brazil with this organization for the summer.  Jesus totally brought my investment full circle!

If you are faithful in the secret place, God will see your faithfulness and give you more!  It’s also a great way to be spiritually prepared for your assignment.  I believe you are called to GO make a difference and pray when you feel the urge of God.  You will obey and partner with Him in this fight!  In the meantime, know you can still be faithful in the little ways and make a difference in setting captives free!

“Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with every little will also be dishonest with much.” [Luke 16:10]

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