You were made uniquely. You are loved uniquely. You carry a unique breakthrough for those around you.

Did something inside of you cringe as you read those words? Did an inner voice reject those words, even telling yourself that those qualities do not apply to you?

Those declarative words were spoken over me by the Lord as I spent time with Him. I immediately felt myself rejecting what God was speaking over me. My mind quickly pushed back with critical words over myself and thoughts of comparison. Again, the voice of negativity began to take precedence over the good qualities that I thought of myself. I heard accusations of how I did not measure up, how I was not good enough, how I was not as talented or how I was not gifted as those around me.

Without realizing it, I had let the enemy’s lies take deep roots in my heart.

My Self-Pity Became My God

However, God is not idle when it comes to matters of our freedom. Through His steadfast love and the constant pursuit to be the sole presider in our hearts and minds, He will always seek to find ways to release us from the strongholds in our lives.

God was challenging me to combat the lies that had become my truth. This is when He led me to Romans 12:3: “For by the grace given to me I say to everyone among you not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think with sober judgment, each according to the measure of faith that God has assigned.”

Though this verse addresses the issue of arrogant thinking stemming from pride, I began to wonder about those of us that have a hard time even seeing worth in ourselves. What about those that cannot seem to find anything positive to think about themselves? What about those that struggle with self-hatred and self-worth?

Then, I heard God say:

“Rejecting what I have spoken over you by feigning humility and refusing to receive how I made you is still a form of pride.”

To give a simple illustration of this, we can imagine God making a fork. His heart and intention of creating the fork was so that it can help others pick up their food with precision and feed themselves. Meanwhile, the fork is in denial of how God made it to be, and it believes that it is actually a spoon. Because the fork does not see itself rightly, it continues to run away from what God is trying to use the fork to do.

God does not give up on this fork. He persists and still pursues by speaking over the fork of its true identity. However, the fork rejects what God says about its purpose and identity. It comes up with excuses and compares itself to the other spoons. “Why can’t I pick up soup and small grains of rice like the other spoons?” it asks itself. The fork judges itself and determines that if it cannot do what the other spoons are doing, then it is useless.

This illustration may be silly, but it is just one example of how we may respond to God in rejecting who we are. For us, we can clearly see why the fork cannot help in the same way as a spoon. But when it comes to our own lives, we can fail to see the ways in which God has made us.

When God speaks life into us, telling the good things He has placed in us, and we reject it, we are no different than the fork in the previous example.

When the Lord addressed my underlying pride that kept rejecting His truth for the distorted reality, He reminded me of times where He intervened. He brought up memories and instances of people coming to me and complimenting me, or times where people randomly encouraged me. It was God that was using these friends and people around me to speak His original design and identity that He created me with. Even in our denial, God never gives up. He continues to pursue and makes efforts to see yourself rightly. And ultimately, see who He is rightly.

The Truth Will Set You Free

So, how do we move out of this distorted way of thinking into sober judgment?

The first thing you can do to combat the lies and replace them with the truth. When the enemy attacks us and seeks to bring unbelief, the Word is our best weapon to fight back. Intentionally spending time in the Word and finding out who God is, actually helps us find out who we are.

When we have a misconstrued view of God, it distorts how we see ourselves and how we live. Thus, seeing and loving God rightly is what helps us see and love ourselves rightly. And when we allow ourselves to walk in the fullness of what God has called us to, then we get to bring glory to God in return.

The truth is you are “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14). You are God’s handiwork, created to do good works (Ephesians 2:10). God created your inmost being, so His words over you are truth because He knows you intimately (Psalms 139:13). God, the Creator of all, has also made you in His own image (Genesis 1:27).

Once you replace the lies with the truth, another action you can take to tackle your pride is to receive and walk out in truth. Receive those compliments. Don’t let it puff you up, but let it humble you. Realizing that God is the source of every good attribute that people see in you. Begin to agree with what God speaks over you, and walk it out.

Beloved one, you are uniquely made, uniquely loved, and when you realize this you can bring unique breakthrough and freedom for the Kingdom.

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