Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.

Even so, I will defend my own ways before Him.

Job 13:15

No matter what comes my way, I choose to trust you, Father. No matter how many times I’ve failed, I choose to trust you. No matter how worthless I’ve felt, I choose to believe you say I am worthy. No matter how many times I’ve been faithless, YOU ARE FAITHFUL. No matter how alone I’ve felt, YOU ARE ALWAYS WITH ME! No matter how many times I’ve chosen idols over you, you RELENTLESSLY pursue me. No matter how many times I’ve been the prodigal, you take me back with open arms. No matter how dark my life has been, you’ve always been the light who shatters the darkness. No matter how many people I’ve hurt, you always forgive me. No matter how many times I have spat in your face, you still choose to love me.

God is good whether we lose someone close to us or if we lose our job. If we are homeless and have NOTHING, God is still good. Have you ever thought of Jesus being the bridegroom and us being his bride? This concept was abstract and so foreign to me. I learned this week how God has been tugging at my heart and wanting to break in those places that are hidden. The places you don’t think about until something pricks them. The deep wounds, hurts, and broken places that we don’t want God to break in and invade. The HIDDEN PLACES OF THE HEART. Do you have places in your heart that you don’t want to surrender to Jesus?

I believe everyone does. Do you ever find yourself angry when a person is speaking in a service and you don’t seem to be getting anything? That could be the Lord trying to break past the stony heart of resistance. He may be knocking.

Let. Him. In.

Don’t turn away the pain. Don’t turn away the King of glory when he’s tugging at your heart. Let him into the hidden places of your heart. He has the key to your heart. Jesus is the only one who can heal those places that nobody else can. He’s the only one who can heal those places that are broken. Let him into your brokenness. He can heal you if you let him. As soon as I let him into those places, things started changing. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. I’m so thankful that I said YES.

Now it’s your turn. Let him invade the hidden places of your heart.

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