What does it look like to love? Look at love itself- God.

How does God love us? “Laid down His life for his friends.”

How do we love one another? “As ourselves.”

I’ve never loved anyone but myself until I encountered the love of Jesus.  The sacrificial, radical, earth shaking, crazy love of Jesus.  I realized that I actually don’t know how to love.  What does that even look like or mean?  The only love I knew was self-love, which wasn’t in the context of true love at all.  I thought satisfying every desire of my heart, body, and mind was love.  It never crossed my mind that not denying myself anything was in fact quite harmful.  

“God disciplines those he loves…” Love means discipline, self-control.

“Greater love has no other than this…” Love means others above self and is sacrificial.

I can’t love apart from God- He is love, shows love, and shows how to love.  

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