I love my dad. Though many times we both fall short to be imitators of Christ for one another, I can testify that he loves his little girl and that his deepest desire for me is to be happy. If this brief reflection on the truth about my dad makes me the recipient of a great love, then it inevitably brings me to reflect on the fact that so many times, too many times, I forget just who my Heavenly Father is. If my earthly dad does everything he can to love me to the best he can with the limited love he has… how much more does my Heavenly Father love me, a Father that IS perfect love?

My Abba is a genius who can touch my heart in the most unexpected way in the most perfect time which just so happened to be tonight, and so here I am, all over again marveling at His abounding love.

The simple truth that continues to wreck my heart is that God doesn’t need me, but He loves me. He longs for me to be with Him so much that He would send His one and only son to be the bridge that allows me to walk into an eternal relationship with Him… So much that He would bring me to this season of YWAM just to show me how to hold His hand and walk with Him. He pours into me a love that I will never deny, gives me a hope that will never be put to shame and makes trust an easy “Yes!” His love completely breaks me and satisfies every part of my soul, all at the same time… There’s nothing like the Father’s heart!

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