In sickness and in health….

I’ve heard this phrase repeated at weddings many times. As two people stare into each other’s eyes, madly in love, making one of the biggest commitments of their lives… they repeat,

“In sickness and in health.”

What does it mean to love someone in sickness and in health? I’m not married, so of course my grid for this was very small, or was it?

Have you ever had a loved one get sick? You watch helplessly as they lie in pain, from anything ranging from a common cold to greater illnesses like cancer. You watch, offer as much sympathy as possible, cook meals, comfort where applicable, but in the end…

There’s not much you can do.

I’ve had the beautiful opportunity to walk with a few people in this delicate balance and this is where I’ve learned to love the best. It’s in these times, when my mom, my friend and others have been at their worst, that I’ve had the choice to say, “I STILL LOVE YOU. It’s okay that you aren’t perfect and I know that you’re not well… but I’m not going anywhere.”

It is in the doctor’s offices and countless bedside conversations that I get to choose to love like Jesus. Because at my worst…

He still chose to love me.

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