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“God is in control.”

A common phrase amongst Christians heard in movies, music, in bible studies and sometimes in pulpits, but let’s take a closer look at this statement.

What do people mean when they say, “God is in control?”

Perhaps people believe that God sees them, understands and “is working all things together for good.” That part is true! But what it sounds like is that God is directly controlling every event on earth. Is this correct?

Does He really cause the storms, the illnesses, the sex slavery all over the world? Or does He instead allow it to happen?

According to scripture, specifically Romans 1&2, God has given over worldly people to their own chosen depravity and evil. God is NOT in control in the sense that He is not controlling the evil. He created mankind with free will at the beginning of creation. What we see around us in the world today is the direct result of disobedience to God.

I have heard it said this way… Adam and Eve gave their God-given authority over creation (and themselves) to Satan in the Garden of Eden. Jesus bought back that authority with his perfect life as the perfect sacrifice in accordance with the moral laws of the universe that God has set in place. He gives that authority to us by the use of His name.

Because of Jesus’s name, we have authority now over evil, sickness, and injustice. We are meant to do something about it all. To exercise His will. To bring His Kingdom.

But when we say, “God is in control,” not only do we imply that God must cause or want evil, but we also forfeit our responsibility to take dominion over the earth physically and spiritually.

Make no mistake, God has way more POWER than anyone who opposes Him, even Satan. He created the universe by speaking. Things continue to be held together by His spoken word (Hebrews 1:3) If He chose to remove his “word” from our world or the universe, everything we learn in science class would cease to be true. No more sun perfect placed in relation to our earth, no more gravity, no more oxygen, no more order. Yes, God has the power or “control” of the physical universe. I’m so glad He does!

Jesus showed God’s power as He lived as a human man (fully capable of sinning) who chose not to sin but was led by the Holy Spirit instead, commanded demons, banished illness, freed others from slavery to sin and obliterated death with His resurrection.

God has ultimate power and authority, and He’s invited us into His family, invited us to be lead by His Spirit and to spread His Kingdom throughout the whole earth.

So, if God has all this power, why does He let sin continue? (My girls often ask why He doesn’t just make us love Him. It’d be so much easier.) Because God is graciously giving each person alive a chance to hear about Him, meet Him, and choose or reject Him. Humans have free-will. There will come a day when God the Father says, “No more. They’ve made their decisions. It’s time for judgment.” It’s our job as His Body, His representation on the earth, to keep diligently sharing about Jesus – our precious, powerful Jesus, who gave up heaven for a time so that we all – each one of us – could glorify Him and enjoy Him forever.

We must have a correct understanding of the difference between what God allows to happen and what He makes happen. What does it say about God if we say (correctly so) that He’s all-loving, but then say He’s “in control” even of all the horrible things that happen?

Let’s be very careful not to misrepresent God and so make room for offense in our hearts and in the hearts of others. Indeed, even in writing this, I do so with the fear of the Lord knowing that I must be very careful to represent Him truly. I am on the journey of knowing my Savior. “Working out my salvation” as the apostle Paul called it.

Let us know the character of God – He is love, He is the only one “good”, He cares for the outcasts, He is Holy, His will is for every man to be saved. (We as the Body of Christ are to reflect these things in how we live and pray.) Yet, Jesus said, “Broad is the road that leads to destruction and many find it. But narrow is the way the leads to life and few find it.” (Matthew 7:13&14)

{The same concept applies to the phrase, “everything happens for a reason.” Yes things do happen for a reason but it’s usually someone’s bad choices or the fallen nature of the world that cause them – not God.}


Original post found on The Pugsleys in Missions

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