Yippppeee! Who doesn’t love traveling to a new country? With nothing but expectation and faith in my heart, I was so ready for outreach!

Here are some handy tips I learned while preparing for outreach…

  1. Pack light- literally! Take the essentials. Don’t over pack and try to take the luxuries of America with you. #KeepItSimple
  2. Zip it up! <— This saved my life while I was on the field. All of my “like items” were in individual gallon sized ziplock bags. This made it easy to grab clothes! I just grabbed the bag labeled “T-shirt” and the other bag labeled “Pants,” and all my clothes went in and out of these ziplock bags. My bible and journal got their own ziplock too, which was awesome for when a typhoon hit our location and my stuff was still dry!
  3. Lemon Oil Drops- Some locations may not have the best clean water systems. I found that one drop of lemon oil in my gallon water every day helped me avoid all the bugs that could be found in the local water. I ordered a little bottle of the essential oil and it was just a blessing 🙂
  4. Practical Walking Shoes- Flip flops are not practical for the field. Invest in real walking shoes, like Tevas or Chacos. Take care of your feet, they’re carrying the good news!
  5. Choose Joy – When it’s hot, when you’re tired, when your teammate eats your last granola bar, when you run out of water as you’re waiting for hours and hours- in all these situations, you get the choice to choose joy. So choose it!

So here are some simple tips and hacks to help you out when you’re traveling into the nations!

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