But he lingered. (Genesis 19:16)

When Lot was delivered from Sodom and Gomorrah, he knew he would never go back. But he lingered.  There are times, perhaps too often, when we linger in what God calls us to leave behind.  Completely behind.  

It’s easy to look back on the old life a good education, successful career, nice house, relaxing vacations, five-course meals… and wonder about the “maybe’s” and “what if’s.”  We know that our lives will never look the same that we’ll never again live in the land of the dead.  

But there are times when we look back at the world, as if we’re missing out on something.  

It can be anything, really.  The enemy is prowling.  But even in these moments, in the very center of our weakness, God is still so merciful.

So the men seized him… (Genesis 19:16)

If the angels had not held on to Lot, him and his family would have faced the same fate as the rest of the two cities.  His salvation was not by his own merit, but strictly of God’s mercy towards him.  And so, God holds on to us and loves us even when we tend to wander and look away.

In His great love, He allots a place for us outside the city of destruction, to indulge in Him rather than the things of this world.

He is truly a God who delights in showing mercy.  How worthy is He to be praised?

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