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[A reflection on our podcast #001 “Is Christianity Dead?”]


Giving our lives up for Jesus should make sense. In this podcast, Lance McKinney makes the statement, “What we love, we talk about.”  What do you talk about the most? That often tells us a lot about what we spend our time thinking about, what we cherish, and what we truly worship. How frequently do you talk about Jesus? Not just at church or Bible study, but in your day-to-day life? Stop. Actually think about that. McKinney shares how he ended up with his wife, Tabita.

He explains that they were friends and eventually he told her she was the type of woman he wanted to marry. She reciprocated. When he called his mom and told her there was a woman he was interested in, she immediately knew who it was! McKinney asked his mom how she knew, and she pointed out how he talked about Tabita every time they spoke on the phone!

When we love someone, we talk about them. When we love something, we talk about it.

When we love Jesus, we talk about Him. We share what He’s done for us and for the world with the people that we meet. We share our love with our friends, family members, and even people we’ve only just met. People are waiting to hear the message of an all powerful, loving, omniscient, trustworthy, and gracious God. The message of Jesus is for everyone. It is not just for one age group, one culture, or one type of person. It is a message of hope, restoration, and eternal life. It’s not about organized religion or a service on Sundays. It’s more powerful than that. 


“In post-Christian Europe and America, young people don’t want religion — they reject it. But they’re looking for the message of who God is, and they’re giving their lives,” says McKinney.

It’s true. When you think about your relationship with God, you’re probably not just thinking about one hour on a Sunday. Hopefully your thoughts are filled with time spent in His Word, in conversation with Him, in walking out your faith and realizing you’re never alone, and so many other things. We don’t want religion, so why are we trying to push that on others? If you aren’t, good. If you are, check your heart and your motives. Christianity isn’t dead.  At the end of the interview, McKinney was asked how he would challenge people right now at home with their unsaved family and friends. 


His response was simple yet beautiful, “Get to know God intimately. Don’t be religious. Share your love for God with them. Don’t be a hypocrite. Be real, be authentic. People are looking for authenticity; they’re not looking for fake religious answers. And share, talk. Care for them. Love them enough to talk.” 

Live Christianity out… purpose yourself to live like Jesus. Be genuine. You must open your mouth. Love people enough to share the gospel with them. Yes, live it out, be the hands and feet of Jesus, but don’t forget to share what He’s done for you, what He’s done for the whole world. 

“Return to your home, and declare how much God has done for you.” And he went away, proclaiming throughout the whole city how much Jesus had done for him. [Luke 8:39]

What has Jesus done for YOU? Do you love people enough to tell them?

People are waiting to hear the message. Weren’t you?


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