When we look in the mirror, who do we see?  Do we see the person that’s been made with the deepest reverence and is 100% unique?  More often than not, we can look at ourselves and see nothing but negatives.

We see our flaws, faults, mistakes, regrets and everything else in between.

Society tells us we need to look, act, talk and dress a certain way.  Often times, we end up selling ourselves short.  We settle for the job we don’t really like, we go for the clothes that everyone else is wearing, and we start to talk and think the way society wants us to.  It’s been engrained in our very being from a young age.

Growing up, T.V. shows told us that men don’t cry and women needed to be girly and wear makeup.  However, more recently, society has taken a turn.  The newest trend seems to be that men should express their emotions more and that women are independent, not needing any help from men.

When society changes their mind with every season, we are constantly being fed mixed signals.  How are we supposed to keep up with the ever-changing “facts” of society?  The only way to truly know who we are, in every season, is by knowing our identity in God.  People change their minds all the time, but God never changes.  What was true yesterday is still the same today and tomorrow.  His Word is called truth because the truth never changes, while facts can still be disproved with new theories and evidence.

When God calls us His children, a chosen people that are holy and set apart, it’s true.  There isn’t an ounce of dishonesty in Him.

As children of God, it’s our right to walk out who we really are.  We are more than overcomers, we are gifted joy and freedom, and we can have peace even on the worst days.  Our identity is a reflection of the Father.  When we know who God is, we learn who we are.  After all, we were made in His image.  Knowing that God is a perfect father, we know that he is always attentive.  He loves to take care of us and his affection is towards us.

Therefore, we know that as His children, we can ask Him for anything, unashamed and knowing that we’re not bothering Him. We can commune with God and hear His voice. We can say with confidence that our past is rewritten and that we are redeemed and made new.

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