When you get bad news… Or things you don’t plan for happen… Or you don’t have money to pay a bill… Do you react or respond?

Storms & trials reveal your foundation. The pressure, the heat, these are the things that reveal what’s really inside of you. When you’re squeezed, what’s inside will come out.

But two things!

  1. Don’t be discouraged if you tend to react, or you realize your foundation needs work. Just see where you need to build on, and let God build in that. Allow Him and others into that area of your foundation, and watch Him work mightily and build you up in Him! You might need to do some demolition, but that’s good!
  1. Don’t ignore it

Don’t try to act like your foundation is solid when it’s not. Pay attention to your responses and how they reveal what’s going on inside of you. Because another storm and trial WILL come. That’s a guarantee, but like we said before, don’t be discouraged!

If you haven’t allowed Him to come in and restore and build your foundation, you will find yourself in the almost exact situation again and again, constantly finding yourself falling apart when the storms, trials and temptations come.

We must build everything on Christ , the solid Rock, the firm foundation

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