Before coming to DTS, I never realized we could have such an intimate, personal, one of a kind relationship with God.

He created us to be relational and to have a relationship with Him! God wants to be close to us so He can shower us with His warmth and love. Before my DTS, I would read the Bible maybe once a week. I would pray, but I didn’t really know how. I mostly went to God when I needed something or had to make a decision. I thought God only spoke to us under these circumstances, but I’ve learned that this is not the case.

The concept of hearing God’s voice was very foreign to me. I had no idea God even wanted to speak to us so intimately. At first, I thought “hearing God’s voice” meant hearing Him audibly, that I would hear him as if I was talking to a friend sitting next to me. And He definitely can speak to us that way, but He mostly speaks to us through His words in the Bible, impressions, pictures/visions and the still, small voice of God.

For years, I had acted like Jesus was my best friend, but in reality, I barely even knew Him.

I knew I hadn’t been spending time with the Lord and my heart was convicted the very first week of DTS. I repented to God for the way I had been treating Him and prayed He would instill in me a hunger and fire for Jesus and the Word. It’s only week three of DTS and I’ve been craving God like crazy. I constantly want to be with Him every second of the day, being in His presence, studying the Word, praying and just letting Him love me.

As we grow closer to God, we can pray His prayers, think His thoughts, and have His heart. He will meet you where you’re at.

Even if you feel like God is silent, keep pressing in. Study the Word daily, intercede for others, listen for His voice, and let the Holy Spirit lead you. You are growing your relationship with Jesus as well as filling your spirit with His love, wisdom, and goodness. He wants to be with you so just be… and bask in His presence.

Be still and just listen.

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