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[A reflection on our podcast #003 “Secrets Of The Secret Place”]


Have you ever wished that you could have a better, more productive prayer time? Maybe the time you have set aside for God doesn’t seem successful, as though you aren’t doing enough? All of us have a vision to go deep in our relationship with God, but sometimes we find ourselves stuck. How do we go deeper?  In this podcast, LaTeisha Carroll shares some of her “secrets” of the secret place. As I listened to this episode, there were five points which I found particularly helpful in equipping me to go deep in prayer.

Keep it Simple

Sometimes our prayer times are spontaneous and quick, but there are other times we set aside with a heightened intentionality. When we do this, LaTeisha points out, we often feel like we have to have this big list of things to accomplish in the hour (or however long) that we spend with the Lord. She suggests we keep it simple.


Rightly Define Success

Fight perfectionism and have a right perspective of what it means to have a “successful” planned prayer time. As much as I often try to do this, it’s so tough! LaTeisha explained it in a way that was so helpful for me. She talked about how we want something to master, replicate, and feel successful. But that’s not a conversation.

“God is a person, not a machine.”

Sometimes, I find myself looking for exactly what LaTeisha pointed out… I want a method and not a relationship. 


Know Your Identity 

When we know who we are and whose we are, we can come BOLDLY before the throne of grace (Hebrews 4:16). If I don’t acknowledge my identity in Christ, then how could I even begin to expect to come before Him and ask for anything? Of course, I want to first come before Him with praise and thanksgiving — though I don’t always succeed at this. I also want to acknowledge that He calls me His daughter. I’m not a stranger, I’m not insignificant to Him, I am HIS! Knowing our identity is key.


Remember it’s Not All About You

LaTeisha challenges us to care and pray about things that we might not naturally prioritize, to let the Lord show us how important it is to intercede. We get to work together with God — what a concept. The Creator of the universe, Maker of the lions that roar and the babies that coo and laugh, wants to work together with YOU. Do you realize you are partnering with God?? I know I forget. If I didn’t forget that so often, my conversations with the Lord would be completely different. It’s not all about us, what we want, what we think we need; it’s about Him. Ask Him what He wants to do today, how He wants to work with you.


“What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us…”  – AW Tozer

See God Rightly

LaTeisha challenges us to have a right perspective about God. Know who you’re talking to. There is a reality that comes to pass when we study the characteristics of God. He is the creator. He is our friend. He is our father. He is trustworthy. He is omniscient. He is omnipotent. He is gracious. He is just. He is kind… I could go on. Who is God? Who are you talking to? It will affect your worship of Him, your relationship with Him. 


You don’t have to talk.
You don’t have to perform.
He loves you and wants to speak to you.


There is so much that we can take away from this podcast. LaTeisha is a well of knowledge and we can learn so much from her. Take the time to listen to the rest of what she has to say. I pray it empowers and challenges you as it did for me. You can have your own secrets in the secret place. You can go deeper in your relationship with the Lord. 


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