January 6th I started my School of Biblical Studies.

SBS is a nine-month long secondary school where you study the entire Bible in depth.

Before SBS, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I applied only two weeks before the school began, and blindly jumped all in. I was relying only on the Lord as He told me that he wanted to encounter me through His Word.

So, in my first month, I have learned a lot.

  1. SBS is a lot of work.

Each week you start a new book of the Bible. You must read that book in its entirety in one sitting. Sometimes it takes an hour, while other books can take up to four. Either way, you’re reading it all in one time.

After that, you have hours of homework. You need to research who wrote the book, what the culture was like at that time, who the book was written to, and then ask questions and write commentary based on who the original reader of book was. You spend days pouring over a single book of the Bible and then the next week, you start all over. Every single week. A new book with new work to do. Let’s just say that the homework never ends.

  1. You are going to go through A LOT of colored pencils.

Part of your work is to make observations in the Bible.

Who is in the story? What are the cities and places mentioned? Does God make any promises? Do you see any commands? What are the blessings? Really, it goes on and on.

There are over thirty different observations you can make, and every observation you make, you use a different color to highlight/underline it. You make these observations day in and day out, and continually have to sharpen your colored pencils. If you do SBS, plan on buying at least three or four packs of colored pencils during the nine months.

  1. Time management is key.

This keeps going back to homework, because that is basically what all your time is spent on. You will have a lot of long and hard assignments due at the end of every week, so, unless you enjoy being a cranky, walking zombie, you will need to have/learn time management.

  1. You will cry… A lot.

Sometimes you will cry from lack of sleep; in the first month, you will cry because you are overwhelmed (so far I’ve only cried 7 or 8 times in the past 3 ½ weeks). You will cry because of the beauty of others finally getting the breakthrough they have been praying for. You will cry because the Word heals your heart in the places that you never knew were even broken. No matter what, the tears are going to come, and one thing I have learned is to embrace them. They are beautiful. They are a sign that God is stretching and growing you in new ways, and those tears are a testimony to the Lord. Let them fall.

  1. You will be transformed.

The Word is alive and active. When you dive into it wholeheartedly, there is only one possible outcome: transformation. Jesus will take you and begin to mold you in new ways. He will break off every old mindset, and set you free from every bit of pain. He will cast out your shame and fear of man, and put words in your heart to speak. You will become an overflower of his love and his presence. You will have revelations of who He is, and who you are. You will become rooted and grounded in who He says you are. You will never look at the Bible the same again. It will no longer be the boring book your grandmother made you read or the dutiful job you had to do. It will become exciting and enjoyable, and it will be etched in your heart forever.

So, SBS is hard, but you will never be the same again. After only a month, I will never be the same again. Nothing good ever comes easy, but this nine-month long journey of transformation is worth it.

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