The skeletons in my closet… They haunted me.

Once upon a time… I, like many others, tried to keep the skeletons in my closet hidden. You know, skeletons. As in all those things you don’t want people to know about you. The things you try to keep hidden so no one can discredit you. Or more appropriately, so that our past doesn’t continue to torture us and hold us captive.

It was in the hiding of my deepest and darkest secrets that I realized that my skeletons had more power over me now than they ever did before. I had worked to make sure no one ever found out about these skeletons. Not even the Lord. Even though I knew He already knew.

I was trying to hide my skeletons. I was trying to be perfect. Nothing was wrong, ever. And even if something was wrong, I didn’t let it show.

The clattering of my past kept shaking the walls of my heart, until I finally had to break down… And then they all came out.

I was embarrassed. Ashamed. I was scared that those around me would now see who I really was… Would they still love me? But after all those questions, I was relieved. At least I didn’t have to hide anymore.

I laid in the rebel of my past. Embarrassed, but relieved, I took in a deep breath of the cobwebs, lies, deception of my past, and just waited.

Then the light of the Lord peered in. First, in slow streams, and then in overwhelming brilliance. His light and truth began to pour over me and my bones. The same bones that used to taunt me and be reminders of my brokenness were shining in the brilliance of His light. They weren’t so scary anymore. And I realized that those around me drew closer and that the Lord was even closer.

My past, though gnarly, is covered by brilliant, heavenly light and speaks of redemption, hope and Jesus.

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