What would happen if there was a generation of believers who decided to no longer live in their comfort zones, dulled by the constant blue hue radiating from their hands, but instead they were deeply involved and engaged with what was happening around them?

What if, for a moment, it wasn’t about the social media platforms or the continuous communications and the next email, but it was about the moment happening right in front of them?

What if there was a generation that got so dissatisfied with the world that we lived in, that they began to change it?

Because we can’t just live like this anymore.

What if instead of hating we loved?

What if we gave instead of take?

What if we chose forgiveness rather than holding onto bitterness?  

What would happen to our world if we stopped wearing a mask of convenience and started being real with each other?

Really, how are YOU?

What if we stopped walking past the broken hearted and lent a helping hand, a hug, a smile? What if radical love became the norm?  What if we stopped waiting and we started changing, anywhere, anything…?

We cannot keep waiting… The need is now.

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