The basis of our relationship with God, the Father is through his son Jesus, which is built on truth and humility.  

So, here’s the thing about humility, whether you’re a new believer or have been for quite some time, everyone seems to have their own definition of what it is. That’s confusing and to keep everyone on the same page, let’s agree to say that humility is the state of being that produces actions. So our discussion then turns to what humility looks like. Here’s the top 3 things about what humility is and how you can spot it.

  1.   Humble people are repentant

I’m sure you’ve guessed that right? I mean think about it, really. Humble people realize that when they know they’ve done wrong or have wronged someone, they seek to mend what was broken. Woven within the Gospel, we have a similar picture with Jesus on the cross. Incapable of living a perfect life, all men have been on the wrong side of God since Adam and Eve. But with Jesus coming and living a sinless life, he took the punishment we all deserved. Although he came from Heaven and had no reason to do so, He himself sought to mend man’s relationships with the Father.

  1.   Humble people know they are flawed

We’re all humans and that means we’re prone to making mistakes. Or in other words, we’re all messed up. Seriously, would any of us be willing to place a projector to show our thoughts for the next 24 hours? I didn’t think so…

  1.   Humble people have an eternal perspective

As Christians, our goal is to be more like the one who took our place on the cross and saved us – Jesus. We aim to press forward to the prize ahead of eternal life with God. A humble person’s natural outlook on life then is one that sees the bigger picture and reality of life in Heaven.

And there you have it. By no means is this a comprehensive list. These are some attributes you should look for when spotting humble and/or prideful people. This will take careful self examination in order to know you’re on the right side of God too.

Just as Jesus spoke over 2000 years ago of them in various terms during his ministry; “you will know them by their fruit”, so too will you know about the spirit of Humility, Pride, Vanity and Greed. Humility and Repentance are one in the same, for one does not exist without the other. One is the nature or state of being; humility. While the other is the fruit or action; repentance. The very nature of humility leads a person to the action of repentance; it becomes second nature.

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