I’m not your typical SBS student. The School of Biblical Studies is nine months long, and not focused on creativity. I’ve noticed over time that I have good work ethic but horrible time management skills and sometimes no motivation. I’ve always known I am a creative thinker but depending on who you ask, that can be a negative thing. I don’t focus well. I twiddle my thumbs during class. I have a hard time completing assignments that require hours upon hours of sitting. The reason I’m writing this is to encourage you: each of us is wired differently and the way we are made is intentional because the biggest artist of all time created us: Jesus!

Jesus made you intentionally! For creative-minded people, it’s easy to look at the Bible when you don’t understand it and think, this is no fun; I’d rather make art. What I’ve learned from this school is that creativity is found all over the Bible. In ancient Israel, oral tradition was a common way of remembering scripture. Any spoken word artists reading this? Any songwriters? Moses wrote songs. David wrote poems and was musically talented. Poetry is found throughout the Old Testament because the people used art to engrain truths and important stories in their minds.

Everyone is creative. Whether you share my quirks and my struggles or have different ones, you are made in God’s image. You are a reflection of the world’s greatest Creator. You are creative if you write music. You are creative if you draw. You are creative if you can manage your time well. You are creative if you understand the complexity of science. You are creative if you play sports. You are creative if you dance. You are creative because God is going to use that part of you to reach other people with the same mind.

I’ve gotten to know Jesus through singing the scriptures. I’ve co-authored with Him in the process- that’s so cool! Ask the Holy Spirit how He wants to use you for His glory and how He wants you to connect with Him. I never knew I could sing from the Bible and feel so full of peace, truth, and joy. I never knew I could pick up a pen and draw beautiful calligraphy from each book. In discovering where your creativity lies, you will discover more ways God has gifted you. Try new things! You will be surprised by the multitude of ways you can worship God. God wants to communicate truths through your creativity! Ask Him what that looks like for you. Find out the best way for you to meditate on scripture. The Bible speaks to all of us.

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