I’ve noted that in my hardest times, when the struggle is SO real, that I have a horrible, nasty habit that I go back to- “my numbing and coping”.

It’s the coping mechanism I’ve developed from years of hurt and survival, that when things get “a little too real,” I tend to numb and run.

Many of us can say that in some way, we all have a “fall back habit” that we cling onto when we get into the toughest moments. But it’s only now that I’ve realized that my old habits have to die hard if I truly want to survive.

I started thinking, “What’s so wrong with ‘the struggle’?” Anything good is worth fighting for, and more over, I’m promised in my Christian walk that there will be an adversary lurking like a thief, waiting to kill, steal and destroy.

Have I been so disillusioned that I forgot about the thief entirely…? And so, instead of being prepared, I run back to my habit, scared of my adversary?

And this is when the light turned on…

  1. There will always be a struggle, and not because of my life, choices, or circumstances, but because it’s biblical! As I continue to walk with the Lord, the enemy will do all he can do to stop me… #BattleOn
  2. My battle is not against flesh and bone.
  3. I can’t let the struggle become so real that I’m too proud to call out for help. I have a community that is all around, loving me and willing to walk with me. And more than that, I have Jesus, and He promises to never leave me or forsake me.

So the struggle is real! And in the struggle I’m growing! I’m building character and perseverance that builds my faith!

So, let us boast in our weakness and “struggle,” and stop trying to be so strong or numb… He is God for a reason!

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