The Doula Focus specializes in equipping women to have a kingdom perspective of pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood, while also serving other women in body, soul, and spirit.

Upcoming School Dates

2020 School Dates:

  • January 10, 2020 – June 19, 2020

2021 School Dates:

  • Jan 8, 2021 – July 18, 2021

Impact mothers around the world

What is a “Doula”? In Greek, it means “female servant” but today, many know it to be a woman who is trained to assist another woman during childbirth.

Popular culture is trying to destroy families and marriage, and it all begins with destroying life itself. Many women do not have a biblical view of pregnancy, childbirth or motherhood. So now we are faced with an opportunity as doulas to make an impact in their lives and ultimately in the lives of their families and communities. Students will be equipped with practical tools in these crucial areas, they will gain a biblical foundation, and they will learn how to bring a kingdom perspective to mothers in their childbearing years. In addition, these skills will be incredibly valuable when ministering in different nations and cultures. Trust and friendship can be built with women ultimately leading to an impact in their lives and communities.

Part-Time Option

This Doula Focus has a special part-time option available for students who desire to attend only the focus times. Each focus time will be 1.5 hours with two classes a week for 10 weeks. These hours can go towards the academic portion for those training to be a doula.

The cost for this part-time option is $300 and there is an additional non-refundable $50 registration fee. Housing and meals will not be provided.

To register or for more information, please email studentservices@ywamkansascity.com

Lecture Phase Costs

*Estimate does not include outreach and outreach-related costs. Costs vary by country and significant discounts are available for students from developing nations.

Part 1: Training Phase

The training phase will be a profound time of encountering God as you are equipped to be a missionary to the nations. Speakers from all over the world will come and bring focused training as we seek the Lord together in community. During these 12 weeks, you will be trained as a messenger to hear God’s voice, proclaim the gospel, start discipleship movements, and engage in strategic missions. This unique focus will allow participants to complete the “academic” portion of their doula training. After DTS, they could become certified upon completing birth attending hours. Join us if you would like to bring His truth, life and love into the vulnerable and valuable years of childbearing in women’s lives!  (Note: this focus is $300 more for specific materials and teachers) 

Focus topics will include but not limited to:

  • Biblical Foundations of Ministering to Women
  • The Theology of Birth 
  • Nutrition, Health and Child Bearing Years
  • Birth Doula
  • Comfort Measures During Birth
  • Labor Positions and Stages of Labor
  • Doula as a Calling and Career – Self Care, Business Plan, Marketing
  • Ministering to the Woman – Soul and Spirit
  • Birth Anatomy and Physiology
  • Cross-cultural Doula Work
  • Hospital Births

A typical week will include:

  • Personal devotional time
  • Daily lectures with teachers from all over the world
  • Work duties in which we all serve the base for a couple hours a day
  • Small groups
  • Outreach meetings
  • One-on-one processing times with a staff member
  • Local outreach

Part 2: Outreach Phase

Immediately following the training phase, you will use the tools you were equipped with to impact a specific nation for God’s kingdom. Our outreaches have seen thousands come to Christ in countries all over the globe.

Our DTS outreaches work with long-term initiatives and strategies that God has laid on our hearts. We use YWAM KC’s connections to impact these nations. All outreaches have three components: evangelism, practical ministry and partnership with local churches and ministries.  Our primary outreach locations are Asia, Africa and Central/South America however, your outreach could be anywhere in the world!   Outreaches are announced during the lecture phase.


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