Evangelism Training

This powerful school helps men and women understand how to preach the gospel with effectiveness.

This school reveals the keys to life-changing proclamation:

● Why do some proclaimers have a powerful effect when they speak and others don’t?
● What are the 5 non-negotiable elements of the gospel?
● How do we operate in signs and wonders?
● What elements do all effective evangelists know about public preaching?
● Ministering with effectiveness cross-culturally.
● Public speaking that powerfully touches young people.
● How to use arts and sports to reach the emerging generation.

These truths have equipped evangelists who have ministered in more than 3,000 cities around the world.



Interested or have questions?

For more information about evangelism training, email impactintensive@ywamkansascity.com

What are the costs for this program?

To find your estimated costs (excluding outreach phase), please use the generator above. Costs include housing and food. At registration, you will be notified of your remaining balance, which will be due in full at registration. You must inform your school leader prior to arrival if you have incomplete fees. Payments can be made by Visa, Mastercard, cash in person, or a US check addressed to “YWAM” at YWAM KC, Attn: Training Staff PO Box 616 Grandview, MO 64030

What if I need a Visa?

Visa processing times vary according to the nation from which you are applying. Students from Developing Nations should allow 3-6 months for the visa application process. Other nationalities should allow 1-3 months, depending upon US embassy processing times. YWAM KC is not able to process any staff or student visas. We are able to send you an invitation letter that can be used for your visa application process. Please do not book your airline tickets until you have your US visa. YWAM KC will not be liable for any airfares booked that are canceled/missed due to visa denial or cancellation.

What is the housing situation?

YWAM Kansas City is a live/learn community as we value the relational aspects of learning together. This means that we are primarily a residential campus and campus housing is dormitory style. Families and married couples are given their own room. There is limited storage space in the rooms so please bring essential items only. Room assignments will be given to students on Arrival Day. Housing costs are included in your course fees.

How do I pay for this program?

You are responsible for covering all of your school fees. To help with fundraising, we recommend “Friends Raising” by Betty Barnett and “Daring to Live on the Edge” by Loren Cunningham, available at YWAM Publishing.

What is the refund policy?

The application fee is non-refundable. Refund policies for are 100% prior to arrival, 95% during 1st week of classes, 85% during 2nd week of classes,70% during 3rd week of classes, 60% during 4th week of classes, 50% during 5th week of classes, and 0% beyond 5th week of classes.