The Convergence of Prayer and Missions

Forerunner Discipleship Training School

On earth as it is in Heaven

Throughout Scripture, there is an urgency of prayer, a need to be vigilant and persevering with our communication with God. We are called as children of God to fight the good fight and bring heaven down to Earth.

The Forerunner Discipleship Training School is its own DTS that trains you to engage in spiritual warfare through prayer and use prayer on the forefront of the mission field. Join a new generation of young believers who want to be trained to be forerunners in their faith.

School Dates

Jan 12 - Jun 21, 2018

Training Phase Costs
Use the generator to get an estimate of how much your lecture phase will cost. Costs vary by country and significant discounts are available for students from developing nations.
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Impact the nations

Each DTS consists of 12 powerful weeks of training and 10 weeks in the mission field where you get to touch hundreds of lives with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Speakers from around the world will teach you how to use the power of the Holy Spirit and the Bible to bring heaven down to earth. You’ll have one-on-one discipleship times with your DTS staff and learn how to work with your team in various class activities. After your training, you’ll go with your outreach team to a foreign nation led by your DTS staff to put into practice everything you’ve learned.

Meet the Speakers

Mark Anderson

David Sliker

Allen Hood

Daniel Lim

Matt Candler

Dana Candler

Kevin Stark

David Smithers

Sunawh Park

Joel McGill

Elisabeth Cochrane


Part 1: Training Phase

The training phase will be a profound time of encountering God as you are equipped to be a missionary to the nations. Speakers from all over the world will come and bring focused training as we seek the Lord together in community. During these 12 weeks, you will be trained as a messenger to hear God’s voice, proclaim the gospel, start discipleship movements, and engage in strategic missions.

  • Understand the knowledge of God
  • Learning to hear God’s voice
  • Freedom Week (The 4 R’s)
  • 72-hour Bible reading
  • 48-hour prayer burn
  • Church planting
  • Preach the 5-Point Gospel
  • Share your testimony
  • Have a biblical worldview
  • Lead Bible studies
  • Have one-on-one sessions
  • Local downtown outreach

Part 2: Outreach Phase

Immediately following the training phase, you will use the tools you were equipped with to impact a specific nation for God’s kingdom. Our outreaches have seen thousands come to Christ in countries all over the globe.

Our DTS outreaches work with long-term initiatives and strategies that God has laid on our hearts. We use YWAM KC’s connections to impact these nations. All outreaches have three components: evangelism, practical ministry and partnership with local churches and ministries.  Our primary outreach locations are Asia, Africa and Central/South America however, your outreach could be anywhere in the world!   Outreaches are announced during the lecture phase.

  • Mercy ministry
  • Marketplace/door-to-door evangelism
  • Preach at churches
  • Train on Freedom Manual & 5-Point Gospel
  • Build relationships with local people and churches
  • Perform signs and wonders

In 2016, we saw




Heard the Gospel


Salvation Decisions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs for this program?

To find your estimated costs (excluding outreach phase), use the Cost Generator above. Training Phase costs include housing and food. At registration, you will be notified of your remaining balance, which will be due in full at registration. You must inform your school leader prior to arrival if you have incomplete fees. Payments can be made by Visa, Mastercard, cash in person, or a US check addressed to “YWAM” at YWAM KC, Attn: Training Staff PO Box 616 Grandview, MO 64030

How do I pay for this program?

You are responsible for covering all of your school fees. To help with fundraising, we recommend “Friends Raising” by Betty Barnett and “Daring to Live on the Edge” by Loren Cunningham, available at YWAM Publishing.

What is your refund policy?

The application fee is non-refundable. Refund policies are 100% prior to arrival, 95% during 1st week of classes, 85% during 2nd week of classes, 70% during 3rd week of classes, 60% during 4th week of classes, 50% during 5th week of classes, and 0% beyond 5th week of classes.

When is the outreach phase and how much does it cost?

Outreach is scheduled 12 weeks after your arrival date. Exact dates will be established after your arrival. Outreach costs are separate from the Lecture Phase. These costs vary from one school to another.

What is the University of the Nations?

Founded upon biblical principles, the University of the Nations (UofN) fulfills its commitment to Christ and His Great Commission by equipping men and women with spiritual, cultural, intellectual, and professional training, and inspiring them to continually grow in their personal relationship with God while also seeking to make Him known among all peoples in all nations.

Viewing the world as both its classroom and venue for ministry, the University of the Nations is committed to teaching and developing Christian men and women called to “make disciples of all nations.” (Matthew 28:19-20).

How many credits does a DTS apply for the University of the Nations?

U of N Credits: 23

These credits may be applied to a U of N degree program or transferred to other participating colleges or universities.

What if I need a visa?

Visa processing times vary according to the nation from which you are applying. Students from Developing Nations should allow 3-6 months for the visa application process. Other nationalities should allow 1-3 months, depending upon US embassy processing times. YWAM KC is not able to process any staff or student visas. We are able to send you an invitation letter that can be used for your visa application process. Please do not book your airline tickets until you have your US visa. YWAM KC will not be liable for any airfares booked that are canceled/missed due to visa denial or cancellation.

What is the housing situation?

YWAM Kansas City is a live/learn community as we value the relational aspects of learning together. This means that we are primarily a residential campus and campus housing is dormitory style. Families and married couples are given their own room. There is limited storage space in the rooms so please bring essential items only. Room assignments will be given to students on Arrival Day. Housing costs are included in your course fees.

Interested or have questions?

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