Messenger Internship

The messenger internship is designed for you to take your dream and make it possible. To give you the necessary skills to design and implement your project.

School Quarter Breakdown

Quarter 1: March 12, 2021 – June 4, 2021
Quarter 2: June 14, 2021 – September 3, 2021
Quarter 3:  September 13, 2021 – December 3, 2021

You will be mentored by some of the best and most successful leaders who will impart to you their knowledge and experience.

These leaders are from some of the top missions agencies and mission movements in the world. The internship content will include:

  • Design a blueprint for your project

  • Learn how to successfully fund your vision

  • How to organize and staff your ministry or project

  • The keys to successful pioneering

  • Leadership development

  • How to partner for more impact

Pricing Breakdown:


Cost reflected is quarterly



Cost reflected is quarterly


Online Option

Cost reflected is quarterly


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What They’re Saying About Us

“This internship opened my eyes to the bigger picture of what mission was supposed to look like. To partner with the work that’s been started even from before and forcefully advance the kingdom to fulfill the Great Commission.”

Hannah Estacion HeilIntern

“I knew that I was called to something greater, but I didn’t know that I have what it takes to carry it out until now.”

Desi MorrisIntern

“People look at the great commission as a HUGE task; too big and beyond our reach. The messengers internship allows us to break the great commission down into strategic actionable steps we all can take, making the seemingly big task into a reachable reality.”

Jeremy PalattaoIntern

“The reason God gave you a calling was to fit into his big picture. You have a part to play.”

Shivani SchulzIntern

Have any questions:

How do I pay for this program?

You are responsible for covering all of your internship fees, but our team can provide you with resources to help coach you to raise financial partners.

If I’m from a different country, is the price different?

Due to the nature of the training, coaching and quality of content, we believe the set price reflects the value of the program.

Will the internship sponsor me for a visa if I am accepted?

Once accepted, our team can send a Visa Invitation Letter to use for your visa appointment. Please do not book your airline tickets until you have your US visa. YWAM KC will not be liable for any airfares booked that are canceled/missed due to visa denial or cancellation.

What is the housing arrangement?

YWAM KC values the relational aspects of learning together. This means that we are primarily a residential campus with dormitory style housing. Because of limited space, families are asked to find housing off campus and housing for couples may be available. There is limited storage space in the rooms, so please bring essential items only. Room assignments will be given on Arrival Day. On campus housing costs are included in your course fees.

What do the fees cover?

The fees cover on campus housing, on campus meals, curriculum materials and program costs.

I’m coming with my spouse. What would be the cost for us?

If you are both participating in the program, there is a $200 discount. If only one spouse is participating, please send an email to as costs depend on the housing situation.

Can I receive U of N credits through this program?

Yes, you can – given that you’ve completed a DTS! It is 5 credits per quarter, so a total of 15 credits are available.

I have a medically diagnosed food allergy/intolerance. What are my options?

You can be excused from meals and given a food discount if you are able to provide proof of diagnosis from your doctor.