Luke Pyle

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luke pyle with african man

About two and a half years ago I began my life with Christ… after being miraculously saved from death by several drug overdoses and a suicide attempt.

After my last accidental drug over dose I had decided to stop using drugs and began withdrawing from methamphetamine. By that point in my life I was so hopeless and disconnected from reality that suicide seemed like the only hope. I still remember telling God, “if you want me to live, let me live. If you want me to die, let me die.” as I swallowed 30 Hydrocodone. Several hours later, I was nearly unconscious and I was taken to the hospital just to find out there wasn’t anything that could be done for me.

However, Jesus was with me and heard my prayer! 3 days later I walked out of the hospital alive and I knew that God had a purpose for my life! Over the next several months I struggled with having hallucinations and with my cognitive abilities until I fully surrendered to Christ. By this point I had been enrolled in Teen Challenge Arkansas for a couple months where I began to learn what following Jesus really looked like. When I surrendered everything to Jesus, my mind was renewed and I no longer struggled with drug addiction or hallucinations. God began teaching me to hear his voice and gave me a passion to share His love with others. I couldn’t go anywhere without sharing my testimony or praying for people. After graduating from Teen Challenge I did a DTS through YWAM Kansas City where God gave me a passion for missions and reaching the lost! I am now on staff at YWAM Kansas City where God is teaching me to change the atmosphere around me and to draw attention to His presence wherever I am.