Matthew Tyler Daniels

matthew tyler daniels holding laughing carribean child
matthew tyler dnaiels with laughing carribean children
matthew tyler daniels kneeling on the floor with carribean kids
matthew tyler daniels with carribean kid on his shoulders

I was so broken, hurt, and a little boy trying to find love in all the wrong places,

Caught up in all the wrong chases

My cover up was a tough dude,
My walls were built high so no one could intrude,
But found out that no amount of cover up can cover up what was deep inside,
I use to want to run and hide,
was so broken I even tried to commit suicide
But He breathed life,
and came and softened the hardest of hearts

The gun was a front,
and to be blunt,
deep down to be loved is what I wanted, what we all want

God has called me to go down memory lane,
Showing me that each thing I went through wasn’t in vain

Nothing is wasted with Him, and He turns all things around for good and for His Glory.

What do you run to? what do you try to cover up with?
Let the walls down.
Let His love bring you into His arms.
His unconditional love will start to disarm the alarm the harm in your past created.
Then Real Love can pierce the inside.

He can break every addiction,
He can heal every affliction.

I open up my story, that God may get all the glory,
and to show you their is always hope,

If you are still breathing
you aren’t too far gone,
and I hope you don’t ever feel alone
His Joy can break the greatest depression

Jesus Christ can change your life. The Blood of Jesus can wash you clean. I will tell continually tell of what He is done in my life unashamedly.

He not only died on that cross in our place so we are able to experience complete forgiveness but He also rose from the grave, declaring His complete victory over death and Satan. LIKE WHAT?!!! He rose from the grave?!! Then He sent His Holy Spirit to come and live in us as His sons & daughters, guaranteeing the inheritance that we have in Him. There is life available to you today.