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What is the University of  the Nations?

The University of the Nations is a global network with hundreds of local expressions. With all the exciting variety of culture, language and learning style, there are common academic goals and standards embraced by every leader in the university.

  • Schools and seminars occupy students full time, and each full week of learning earns one unit of credit.
  • Two and four year degrees are offered, traveling to different locations to take courses one by one until the degree requirements are met.
  • Students know how well they have done by the evaluation of their efforts.
  • UofN courses or degrees are accepted by many universities around the world, but the UofN has not applied for accreditation in any one nation’s system.
  • UofN is committed to the success and well-being of each student, so the student has responsibilities to the university in choosing their academic path and being a person of integrity.

Discipleship Training School
– Arise
– Justice and Compassion
– Sports
– Worship
– GX

Secondary Schools

– Impact Intensive
– City Impact School
– Church Pioneering Intensive

The Discipleship Training School (DTS) is an entry-level prerequisite for all other courses and all degree programs. All of University of the Nation applicants must first satisfactorily complete a fully qualified DTS, including the field assignment, before being permitted to attend any other course or being accepted into a degree program. The DTS is the gateway into the areas of study and various centers of the University of the Nations.

The University of the Nations offers courses/practicums/internships in over 160 nations worldwide. Various accredited institutions throughout the world accept University of the Nation transfer students and credits. University of the Nation is a degree granting institution (Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees), but has not applied for accreditation in any one nation’s educational system.

UofN recognizes the value of accrediting agencies in maintaining predictability in quality of education. Therefore, UofN will complete the application process with a global accrediting association in the near future. However, this association is in its early stages of development, and will have to go through its own processes of recognition.

The UofN is committed to quality education. As a result, UofN courses are now recognized by many institutions of higher learning, Christian and non-Christian. Our students are accepted as transfer students, and they are given transfer credit for those UofN courses which are comparable to the programs of the receiving institution. Courses do not transfer on a one-for-one basis, but neither do the courses of other universities. Accreditation is not always the main factor in that decision. The major factor is quality of instruction, recognized by the depth and quality of student learning. On that basis, UofN students show commendable strength. An increasing number of institutions are enthusiastic about accepting UofN students. Of course, the lack of accreditation can leave certain professional doors closed. But for many students, this is not an insurmountable problem. It all depends on the career or profession the individual student is pursuing, for what purpose, and in which nation.

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